Canine Epilepsy Support Group

The Canine Epilepsy Support Group (CESG) is a Registered Charity Group, No:1046436, set up in1991 by Victoria Lloyd, in response to the death of her beloved German Shepherd Dog, Bruno.  Since that time the Group has continued to grow, spreading throughout the UK and Ireland, to Europe, the USA, Australia and New Zealand, offering information, understanding and sympathetic support to people with cherished companion animals, living with this frightening condition.







Mrs Anne Morley Hon. Sec.


21 Sea Lane

East Preston


West Sussex

BN16 1NH







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Telephone Helpline:

01903 784263 or 785327






The CESG publishes four Newsletters a year containing members’ letters, vet reports, and up to date news of new and improved products, which can assist in providing maximum help and support. On the back of every Newsletter there is a list of Local Contacts, all of whom are owners with experience of epileptic pets, all of whom are ready to give support.


Mighty oaks from little acorns grow. From one sick dog and one determined lady, the Group has grown to be a force for change and improvement in the lives of thousands of epileptic animals and their owners. 2016 was our 25th year of working for epileptic pets and our membership embraces three continents.  Victoria would be so proud of what she started, with just six people having a cup of tea and a chat about their dogs.

We’re Here To Help - We Can Help.


Just give us a call to see what we can do to help you and your dog.  There is always someone at the end of the phone.


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Mr Geoff Dorey: 01903 785327

Hon. Treasurer:

Miss Carol Ellis: 01903 265302


Mrs Victoria Lloyd